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Copper Star Alpaca Farm

Proven genetics for the next generation of stars.

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Adopt an Alpaca

If you or your family love alpacas, and really who doesn't, but your residence is not zoned for livestock, you can adopt an alpaca from us.

For a minimal monthly fee, adopting an alpaca will meet all your farm life needs without the day to day responsibility.

Pick an alpaca from our herd and you will receive his or her fleece after shearing.  You can have your alpaca's fleece processed at a local mill for yarn or you can create  your own designs by felting or spinning.

You are welcome to come to the farm to visit with your alpaca.  Take him or her for a walk, training, learn husbandry skills, join us at shearing time.  You can also participate in local shows.

The fee to Adopt an Alpaca is $20.00/monthly or $200.00/yearly.  Includes 2 visits per month, up to 2 hours per visit.

Please contact us to schedule your visit to pick your alpaca.

Alpacas included in our adoption program are indicated by an * by their name



Updated March 07, 2021