We love alpaca because:

  1. Alpaca fiber is unlike sheep’s wool, it has no grease or lanolin reducing allergen attractants therefore, hypo -allergenic .
  2. Thermal qualities of alpaca are superior, these fleecy, hollow fibers offer extreme featherweight warmth.
  3. Comes in 22 natural colors with hundreds of variations of each color.
  4. Alpaca fiber strength is excellent, resulting in a more durable product.
  5. Alpaca fiber is very comfortable, due to the low micron count, which results in apparel easy to wear without the normal itch factor found in other natural fibers.
  6. Wear Resistance – durable, stain resistant .
  7. Wrinkle Resistance – More resistant to wrinkling therefore, great travel wear as well as everyday wear.
  8. Can be cleaned without harsh chemicals.

Suggested care instructions for your alpaca garments

Hand washing

  • Use cool water  and a mild soap or a human hair shampoo.
  • Never use chlorine bleach. Woolite is not recommended.
  • Remove any excess water carefully, avoiding wringing or twisting.
  • Dry the product in a flat position in the shade. Block the product, reshaping it to its original dimensions.
  • By hand, carefully remove any wrinkles and straighten seams and facings. Never use a brush.
  • After the product has dried, touch up with a cool iron, if needed

Dry cleaning

  • If you have a two or three piece outfit, we recommend that you dry clean all the pieces at the same time to avoid color discrepancies that may occur.
  • Inform the cleaner of any spot or stains.
  • Ask the cleaner to use a fresh solvent in low heat and a process that does not involve tumbling.
  • It is recommended that you go to a dry cleaner that has previously dealt with alpaca.

Storing and preserving your product

  • Before storing, make sure that the item is fully dry.
  • There are various techniques to avoid damage resulting from the presence of moths. It will be better if you store the product in a sealed cedar chest, a freezer (in a zip lock bag) or any moth protected environment, including a dryer sheet or two may aid in the reducing moth attraction.
  • Sachets using dried lavender are also useful.
  • We do not recommend the use of mothballs.

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